In a feature article from the lifestyle online publication Expat Living Singapore (last published in March 2018), an American couple was interviewed about what life is like staying in Ardmore now that they’re in their fourth apartment.

Expat Living Singapore is a website dedicated to being a lifestyle guide for foreign residents who want to make the most of living in Singapore. It offers heaps of helpful information on anything and everything happening on the island that is relevant to expatriates. They interviewed Jane and Rob Martin, a US-based couple who shared their own experiences on living on this island as empty nesters,

The couple is now on their second stay in Singapore. They first moved to the island back in 2004 and stayed for over seven years here together with their two daughters Emily and Kate. 

They first had a brief stay in TreeTops Executive Residences located at the Ardmore Area in District 10. Then, during their first 7-year residency stay in Singapore, they lived in three different apartments. But all those apartments were still located in the prestigious Ardmore.

The neighbourhood is known as an exclusive, prestigious area that’s part of the renowned Draycott-Ardmore enclave. This part of Singapore has been recently hailed as the ‘billionaire’s belt,’ is known for its illustrious community of elite locals and foreign residents coming from all over the globe. It’s a place lined with several elite schools, luxury retail and dining spaces, and a myriad of luxury condominiums. Some known residential properties home to many of Singapore’s ultra-wealthy residents include Ardmore Residence, Ardmore Park, The Edge on Cairnhill, Cityvista Residence, and Cairnhill Plaza.

While Ardmore is a very private and quiet neighbourhood surrounded by the tranquillity of lush greenery, it’s a place that’s is known to be very convenient. It’s located nearby various amenities and attractions such as the Orchard Road and Singapore Botanic Gardens. It’s also close to many international, members-only clubs like The Tanglin Club, The Pines Club, and The American Club.

Jane’s typical day in Ardmore back in 2004 includes waking up at 6:15 am, putting their children on school buses with the other moms in the Ardmore neighbourhood, joining their walking group, enjoying a morning Starbucks, then heading to the American Club for yoga.

She says she enjoys her group of friends, all from the same prestigious Ardmore neighbourhood. She also enjoys visiting the Botanic Gardens that are located close to this residential enclave. 

Now that their children have grown up, they came back to Singapore in 2016. Now at their second stay, it’s clear that the couple enjoys their time in Ardmore. She tells Expat Living Singapore that “This time around, I feel like I’m on vacation. I come here, stay for a bit, then go home.”

When they tried to find other apartments in other areas, they felt they didn’t like it as much as Ardmore. However, what Jane and Rob truly wanted was Ardmore’s community. They especially love it because of Ardmore’s prime location, walking distance with the American Club and Orchard Road. According to Jane, “The facilities are great, and since we have lived here so long, it just feels like home.”

Many foreign nationals have been moving to the city-state of Singapore. According to the 2019 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, the island is an attractive place to live due to its quality of life and opportunities for income or career progression.

Expat families with young children also put Singapore at the top of their list due to the ease of learning and schooling in many of the city’s international schools. In the same survey, it came first overall for ‘Little Expats.’

The city is also split into several districts, and within these, expats can find the best neighborhoods with different communities.

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