Less than a year after the completion of Ardmore Residence, a luxury condominium developed by Irvine Investments Private Ltd in 2013, it was voted one of the top 10 skyscrapers globally. This rare feat made the luxury property a highly-coveted gem in Singapore’s real estate market, with a long line of investors and home buyers looking to buy a condo for sale in the building.

Ardmore Residence is one of the three Asian buildings that earned an Emporis Skyscraper Award, a high-profile accolade annually by the German-based building data company. This award is known as the most globally renowned award for high-rise architecture, and it has been awarded by Emporis every year since 2000. Skyscrapers from all over the world are judged every year by a jury of architecture experts and the company’s data analysts. They looked through a wide assortment of 300 skyscrapers, shortlisting them into 25 buildings based on excellent aesthetics and functional design criteria. To qualify for the award, buildings must be 100-meters tall minimum. Standing tall at 135 meters, Ardmore Residence placed number eight in its 2013 list of top skyscrapers. The property that took the top place in the same year was The Shard in London. 

Ardmore Residence is a 36-storey freehold condominium comprised of 58 bespoke homes tailor-fitted for the ultra-rich home buyer. The luxury property was designed by Ben van Berkel, a famous Dutch architect and founder of the acclaimed architectural practice UN Studio. He’s also known for master planning the Mercedes-Benz Museum, a renowned cultural landmark in Stuggart, Germany.

According to property news provided by The Strait Times Singapore, a spokesman for Emporis said that the jury selected Ardmore Residence for its beautiful aesthetics and its functional design. They especially highlighted “the energy efficiency of the skyscraper, especially its innovative air-conditioning system.”

Another detail they loved was how Ardmore Residence’s unique design seems to “to adopt divergent contours when viewed from different perspectives.” In architectural terms, they added, “the various openings in the concrete panels of the facade affect a sense of organic mutation and transition when you move closer to the building.”

The primary concept of this modern condominium was a ‘living landscape,’ inspired by the ‘Garden City’ of Singapore. This vision was also materialized through four architectural details: the articulation of the façade that creates beautifully organic textures and patterns, the large glazed areas that provided expansive views of the city, the bay windows, and double-volume balconies, and the introduction of transparency and connectivity to the ground level garden.

This ‘living landscape’ concept was meant to provide a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience for its residents. 

Ben van Berkel designed the textural façade of the luxury property to work in unison with the organization of each apartment. This means that each home can get maximum daylight in their living space and provide panoramic views of the city.

International engineering consultancy Web Structures also worked closely with the Dutch architect to bring its “Fusion Engineering” concept to life. The team developed an innovative interlocking system to build cantilevered shear walls and produce Ardmore Residence’s distinctive folding and interlocking look, as imagined by Ben van Berkel.

Web Structures’ director, Hossein Reizai, expressed his sincere delight about his project receiving an Emporis Skyscraper Award. He said: “It is very pleasing to see Ardmore Residence on such a prestigious list of global building projects. From our point of view, this was a project that posed several structural engineering challenges.”

The finished building now sits in one of the most prestigious addresses in Singapore, Ardmore Park in District 10. It’s now recognized as a state-of-the-art innovation and iconic residential development in Singapore’s luxury real estate market.

Other properties that received this illustrious award and were named as part of the top 10 skyscrapers include The Shard from the United Kingdom, DC Tower from Austria, Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort from China, Cayan Tower from Dubai, One Central Park from Australia, Flame Towers from Azerbaijan, Mercury City from Russia, AZ Tower from the Czech Republic and Tour Carpe Diem from France.

Some notable buildings that did not make it into the 2013 list were the Jinao Tower and Sliced Porosity Block in China and The Gate in Abu Dabi.

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